Dark Souls II
Dark Souls II: Patch 1.03 wird am 11. April weltweit veröffentlicht
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09.04.14 um 12:21 von Stefan
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From Software gibt bekannt, dass das Update 1.03 für Dark Souls 2 weltweit am 11. April für alle Plattformen veröffentlicht wird. Das Update diverse Dinge wie das User Interface, behebt Fehler und Gameplay-Probleme.

Nachfolgend findet ihr die komplette Liste mit Änderungen:


• Failing to create Multiplayer session no longer disables use of online items, such as White Soapstone.
• Players now receive a small portion of Humanity after successfully assisting in a Multiplayer session instead of regaining full Humanity.
• Starting boss fight with the Looking Glass Knight while summoning other players no longer cancels the summoning process.
• Fixed an issue that prevented some bloodstains, illusions, and messages from being displayed.
• Fixed an issue where “Unable to participate in Multiplayer Session” could constantly appear.
• Fixed some instances where the portrait of the person you were summoning was different than the actual character.
• You will no longer be able to take off Covenant rings while being summoned.
• Fixed an issue that would cause some summoned players to fall through the ground at Earthen Peak.

Game menu/interface/controls:

• Optimized Start Menu and Bonfire Menu performance.
• Trophy icon for "Holder of the Fort" has been fixed.
• Controller now vibrates when blocking an attack.

Other fixes:

• Bug involving Drangleic Castle door not opening has been fixed.
• Fixed an issue that would cause Souls to be lost upon death with the Ring of Life Protection equipped.
• Fixed an issue that caused some players to fall through elevators while using Binoculars and Magic simultaneously.
• Fixed an issue causing some enemies being hit by arrows at long distances receive 0 damage.
• Fixed an issue preventing the Brotherhood of Blood duels from starting properly.
• Added a message for players that displays after entering the coffin in Things Betwixt.
• Fixed an issue where all of the items and objects in an area would reset (Without using a Bonfire Ascetic).
• Fixed an issue that didn’t unlock some items from vendors on 2nd and beyond playthrough.
• Fixed an issue causing the requirements for the Brotherhood of Blood Covenant be 50 too high.
• Licia’s conditions for moving have been optimized.

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